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Molly’s New Line: Cuisine Carriers

Molly (my better half) just launched a line of Cuisine Carriers under the name First Resort. She’s makes each one by hand, often using vintage fabrics and is selling them on her First Resort Etsy store. She got the original design from a carrier her very talented and crafty grandmother Browder made mother bought at a crafts fair in Indiana thirty years ago.

Cuisine Carrier close up

They’re brilliant. They’re easy to carry, keep the dish lid securely in place, padded for both protection and insulation, and allow for a stylish entrance and exit. (No more walking out of a party with a crusty dirty caserole dish in your hands ;)

First Resort Cuisine Carrier

Here’s a screen grab of the different models:
First Resort Cuisine Carriers

Click any image or right here to go the First Resort Etsy store.

She also made this amazing Orchid Mohair Capelet, which half-way through she realized she’s alergic to mohair, so she had to put it up for sale.
Orchid Mohair Capelet

If you want to give one as a holiday present, get that order in soon, we’re going to be taking off before santa’s sleigh!