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Germs Biopic “What We Do Is Secret” Finally Released

The Germs are the late 70′s LA punk band that influenced everyone you liked in the 80s from LA and were as demented and genius as the Sex Pistols. I can’t wait to see the movie What We Do Is Secret which has practically been as punk a production as the band itself.

Here’s something to get you started from the definitive punk documentary from the era, The Decline of Western Civilization

Here’s a live song with kooky local news intro

Here’s Forming (audio only) from their one studio album (produced by Joan Jett)

Amazing Story of an Owner Finding Her Lost Cat

CatsterSix months ago a woman’s cat (Mr. D.) went missing in New Zealand. The owner did not stop looking for him, up to and including standing in a rented Puss-n-Boots costume at a business intersection with big photos of Mr. D.!

It sounds a pretty kooky, but once you listen to her being interviewed you’ll hear a very rational, thoughtful and saddened person simply trying to get a loved one back home. The owner was very sure (correctly so as it turns out) that the cat had simply gotten lost and may now been getting fed by someone, or even re-homed by a loving family. (This is New Zealand afterall, where nothing like Pogo’s murder happens.

Watch the video (click through if you don’t see it). It’s been the most watched video on Catster for the last couple of months.

6 months after the separation, the owner got a call from someone who said they saw Mr. D. in their neighborhood. Walking around the owner came across her cat! But being so thoughtful she even knocked on doors in the area in case anyone has taken the cat in and would be upset if he disappeared. If you’re on Catster you can stop in and say welcome back to Mr. D.

Hard Times Makes People Come Unhinged

This summer is starting to have a feel of one of those “Son of Sam” simmers to them. Hard times, people losing homes, means people lose their marriages and families, and worst of all, start losing their hope that life will get better. I’m entirely speculating here, but these two stories show people who simply do not care about living amongst society anymore and, in fact, want to ruin society with them on their downfall.


1. Man Decapitated ‘Beheaded’ Aboard Greyhound Bus – Canada

“We put our bodies up against the door, waiting for him to come out … and he went back and brought the head to the front and pretty much displayed it … and dropped it on the ground in front of us,” Caton said.

Friends identify the victim as a 22-year-old carnival worker named Tim McLean, though authorities won’t confirm his identity.

2. Man kills teens at Wisconsin swimming hole: police

A man described by witnesses as wearing camouflage clothes and carrying a rifle emerged from a wooded area along the Menominee River on Thursday and opened fire on a group of young people near the swimming spot under a railroad bridge.

…. Be safe out there people

Software Salesman Sleeps in GG Park To Get By

Tom Sepa, who has a job, car, laptop, headset and prefers the term urban outdoorsman regularly sleeps in Golden Gate park because he can’t afford an apartment.

He makes $2k to $3k and month yet he and his wife can’t make $F rents. He washes up in Starbucks bathroom after he buys a coffee.

It is also worth noting that Sepa couldn’t have done this five years ago. With his Wi-Fi card, cell phone, and PayPal account, he can conduct business, collect a paycheck and apply for his next job from a laptop in a tent in the park.

“This is the most liberating thing of the Internet,” he said. “The birdcage is open.”

Perhaps his only concession to the traditional world is a postal box he keeps downtown. What, I asked, does he use that for?

“My Netflix movies,” Sepa said.

Also of note in the article is a 1999 stat that 20% of people sleeping in SF shelters are employed.

American Gothicr

Earlier this month Michael David Murphy, a great photographer that should be in everyone’s flickr contact list, as an aside, pointed out the americangothic tag was worth a look. Until I met Molly I had presumed American Gothicism died with Faulker. She showed me where to look and who to read and how to see that it’s proven to be an ineffeable zeitgeist as much a part of America as pickup trucks and prom. And there it was staring me in my flickr, in my web, in my home.

Derek Dukes saw my twitter, and sent me a link to the americangothic tag viewed in Dipity (Dipity is a web service that pulls in all sort of media related to a topics and sorts it all out by time). So you could explore I posted a couple of the interfaces. There’s also a map mashup to compare the am-gothic zeitgeist in different states at different times.

Flipbook Mode

Timeline Mode

[If you do not see interactive sections above, click thru to the site.]

I found it all very interesting. Way to go David and the Dipity team.

Here are some other words that have a lot to show: terrorism, freedom, science, and peakoil

Yeah Well, His Phone is a MP3 Player AND a Supercomputer

My very old friend Leonid Oliker, and winner of the annual Super Computing top paper award more times than I can recall, just got awarded top honors again for a joint effort that demonstrates how to build a super-supercomputer based on low-power embedded microprocessors (i.e. what is used in modern cell phones and ipods) that could process data 1,000 times more powerfully than today’s best supercomputer.

Using traditional supercomputer technology would cost about $1bn and require 200 megawatts of electricity to operate. Their ‘ipod’ supercomputer would cost $75m require only 4 megawatts of power and achieve a peak performance of 200 petaflops.

Every time I hear blog blather about Ruby vs PHP or Mac vs. Windoze, I think, people we’re not thinking hard enough about this.

Fortunately for us, Lenny is. And Lenny (on the right here) rocks.

Does It Say “Photoshop Me” on My Face?

If someone ever told me they have a photoshop face, I’d say “I know exactly what you mean!”

Somehow my face is frequently and inexplicably used, retouched, morphed, edited and re-represented for reasons beyond me. Recently a photo of me ended up being used along an article on how to become a police detective (it was CC). In 2006 there was the Fark photoshop contest.

Lately a Dogster member has gotten the bug.

Picture: Ted as Bob Ross
I used to really enjoy the calm confidence of Bob Ross and I’ll honestly cherish this one for life.

picture: Ted sharing a bone
Here I am scrapping with Dogster Sammi

I don’t even know what’s going on here

And this one, well, it’s some hate mail from a teenager in Arkansas whose email username was ultimatedramaqueen2000. Can’t make everyone happy, I guess ;|

Myanmar =(

The following is from my my travel blog, June 29, 1999, after spending a month traveling in Myanmar.

My saddest news to report is that for all the hype Aung Sun Soo Kyi gets, and all the flack that is reported about the government, I didn’t get the feeling that anyone could dare topple the current regime without getting quickly shut away for life. With universities closed and people fearful, the only other force would be the monks (a high percentage of population), but they are all fed, housed and their temples are lavishly gifted upon by the corrupt rulers, so they have a hard time seeing the problem. Individuals are so isolated (out of a sense of fear) camaraderie seems little and weak. As long as the government can keep the people with more than enough food and stuff to not starve, they will not risk their lives when they’ve seen so many before them die in the streets.

Apparently the monks and nuns can no longer abide. By protesting it has to mean their lives are so bad, their hearts are so dark with sadness for their country people that they are ready to be taken from their families and temples, tortured, imprisoned, enslaved and murdered. Protesting monks are now already being beaten and arrested and the army is firing on the crowds.

When I was there 8 years ago anyone who dared confide in us, which was an incredible risky thing to do shared horrific tales of lost family members, interrogations, gang pressed work crews, neighbors dying building golf course for generals and a lifetime of fear and hopelessness

If the current U.S. administration truly cared about Democracy, and had invaded Myanmar, we would have been greeted as liberators with garlands and a wonderful societal rose would be blooming in South East Asia. Instead Myanmar is a Orwellian reality that we hardly concern ourselves with.

Here are some photos I found form my trip.

Peoples_desirePropaganda seen everywhere in Burmese and English, billboards, newspapers, evening news, everywhere


Note the military presence (upper right) as they knew Westerners would be here


Massive buddha grid in the middle if nowhere

All photos hosted on Flickr.

What I Would Like to Know More About the Netherlands

» Are the recent assassinations of Pim Fortuyn the Parliament Member and Theo Van Gogh the movie director, and the current threats on PM Ayaan Hirsi Ali and anyone else that has publicly stated they are not in agreement with the tenets of Islam a true threat to Holland’s deep respect for tolerance of all citizens or simply a new level of diversity that will be overcome?

» Will the Dutch be able to stay affluent and successful in the face of off-shoring, which is hitting all their companies, and will the extensive social payment system for free health coverage and homes for all be able to be maintained?

» Does the trend of many couples becoming official domestic partners, not formally married, lead to higher or lower divorce rates? What are the rates of terminations of domestic partners? Since many couple are having children as domestic partners, is this changing any long-term monogamy rates?

» Is there really a trend of Dutch citizens planning of leaving the country due to the recent civil violence over tolerance, or is what we are reading in our press a few isolated cases turned into a trend?