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Cry With Me: Watch Video of 500 Million Gallons of Coal Ash Destroy Tenn. River

Clean Coal is the most dangerous oxymoron. Obama strongly promoted it during his campaign. Learn about it. It’s about as unrealistic a scientific scheme as Reagan’s Star Wars defense system. This spill has nothing to do with pumping CO2 into the earth crust, but shows how much garbage coal production produces and how little room there is left on the planet to hide it.

Software Engineers Testifies How He Coded Voting Software to Flip Results to a 51% Favor of Paying Candidate

I wish I knew more details about this. I suppose it could be from a movie, but it very much appears to be a recording of a software engineer giving testimony of how he coded voting systems to rig winners. It’s posted on a pretti vigilant leak site (no, that’s not an oxymoron.)

Watch this video now. Watch the whole thing.

Here’s the link

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American Households Saved Less in 2007 Than in 1932

Since 2004 American households have been putting away less than $400 a year in savings. That’s almost identical to the saving registered during the depression. How can such a rich country have so little to save? (That’s a rhetorical one. Okay? ‘Kay.)

The NYTimes has done yet another no-holds-barred data analysis of how indebted our country is and rightfully places most of the blame on changes in the banking, lending and leasing policies that turned payment facilitation methods meant to make consumer purchasing more fluid into pure profit centers.

“Today the focus for lenders is not so much on consumer loans being repaid, but on the loan as a perpetual earning asset,” said Julie L. Williams, chief counsel of the Comptroller of the Currency, in a March 2005 speech that received little notice at the time.

Today, 40% of all U.S. households carry a credit card balance (up from 6% in 1970) and the average family has 13(!) credit cards. Two thirds of college students now have assumed loan debts, up from 50% of students in the ’90s. (Don’t even get me started on how good loan rates were subverted by the student loan scandal which finally broke this spring.)

For more painfully obvious indicators of the depth of this national problem don’t miss the Times interactive 90 year time line.

While every person is their own rock and needs to make smart decisions based upon their own abilities, the free market ‘uber alles’ mentality of the last 30 years has allowed for profit motive to drive the heavy marketing of products that even the presiding CEO would never recommend their friends or family avail themselves of. Though free markets always correct themselves eventually, there’s far to many well meaning citizens getting run through the mill by the marketing and sales departments of the too-be-corrected businesses on the wrong side of the markets.

[All photo, images, quotes and facts liberally taken from the NYTimes]

Advertisement on Facebook

This image below is a screenshot of skyscrapper format ad which explains “Why Are Online Degrees are HOT?”

And I ask, why are online degrees so hot? And why is NexTag, the Comparison Shopping site displaying this ad?

And why did I see it on a Facebook page? Are they really this comfortable with letting advertisers saying whatever they simply feel?


Here’s the ad:

Myanmar =(

The following is from my my travel blog, June 29, 1999, after spending a month traveling in Myanmar.

My saddest news to report is that for all the hype Aung Sun Soo Kyi gets, and all the flack that is reported about the government, I didn’t get the feeling that anyone could dare topple the current regime without getting quickly shut away for life. With universities closed and people fearful, the only other force would be the monks (a high percentage of population), but they are all fed, housed and their temples are lavishly gifted upon by the corrupt rulers, so they have a hard time seeing the problem. Individuals are so isolated (out of a sense of fear) camaraderie seems little and weak. As long as the government can keep the people with more than enough food and stuff to not starve, they will not risk their lives when they’ve seen so many before them die in the streets.

Apparently the monks and nuns can no longer abide. By protesting it has to mean their lives are so bad, their hearts are so dark with sadness for their country people that they are ready to be taken from their families and temples, tortured, imprisoned, enslaved and murdered. Protesting monks are now already being beaten and arrested and the army is firing on the crowds.

When I was there 8 years ago anyone who dared confide in us, which was an incredible risky thing to do shared horrific tales of lost family members, interrogations, gang pressed work crews, neighbors dying building golf course for generals and a lifetime of fear and hopelessness

If the current U.S. administration truly cared about Democracy, and had invaded Myanmar, we would have been greeted as liberators with garlands and a wonderful societal rose would be blooming in South East Asia. Instead Myanmar is a Orwellian reality that we hardly concern ourselves with.

Here are some photos I found form my trip.

Peoples_desirePropaganda seen everywhere in Burmese and English, billboards, newspapers, evening news, everywhere


Note the military presence (upper right) as they knew Westerners would be here


Massive buddha grid in the middle if nowhere

All photos hosted on Flickr.

IMPEACH Banner was a CodePink Action

Impeach banner at AT&T Park

Last week I posted the above photo I took of an ‘IMPEACH’ banner unfurled at AT&T Park (Giant’s Stadium) during the National Anthem . The entry was heavily cited.

One of the people responsible for the banner posted a comment on my entry saying they were part of a Bay Area group of CodePink. CodePink is a very active nation-wide organization of women dedicated to ending the war in Iraq.

CodePink is a gutty group that has got some serious chutzpah I tell ya. Honestly, if our previous President had an impeachment process begun for lying about personal activities done in the White House, I think the same process could be started for a president that appears to have knowingly used fabricated evidence to lead our country into a 4+ year war with no end in sight.

Somehow, I got to play my part. My crappy 2Mb phonecam snapped the only picture they have of it.

I Love My Country – I Fear My President

Scotter Libby walks on his 30 month prison term for obstruction of justice. Talk about obstruction of justice.

You read Frank Rich’s opinion piece in the Sunday Times where he starts gathering the clues pinning this leak and much more back to Vice Commandant Cheney, right?

Regardless of how he spend it, justice has spoken and found Libby was found to have broken the law. This pardon commuting of sentence does not negate that, it just means he doesn’t have to go to prison.

Thanks for serving our president. Maybe later in your life you can do something for our country.

I made an image to commemorate this high water mark in our country.


At Least 2,400 Pets Killed by Menu Foods, Inc.

Over 2,400 pets have been submitted to a directory of affected animals.

UPDATE: F.D.A confirms presences of other chemical, melamine, a fertilizer agent. Dry foods may now also be suspect. See breaking New York Times story.

ASPCA reports that the deaths are too varied to all be explained as rat poison contamination. In fact think how much rat poison it would take to contaminate 60 million cans of pet food such that a pet would die after a meal or two. It’s Bhopallian mismanagement. It’s disgusting and it’s a giant wake-up call to pet owners, pet food brands, and hopefully the U. S. Government.

Deep in my heart, I now feel more than ever, that pets are people too and they should be treated as much.

Please read my post on the Dogster blog and please read our Dog Blogger Joy Ward, who is covering this 10x closer then any formal news outlet.

Top-Down Government Campaign to Suppress Climate Change Research

It’s been brutally clear that the current Administration is anti-science and proud of it.

I expect this smoking-gun report from, The Government Accountability Project, a DC watchdog group, will only be one of too too many to come out over the next 5 or so years.

Read the full article at the excellent Wired blog, 27b Stroke 6. Or download the report PDF for yourself.

The Government Accountability Project, a whistleblower and watchdog group in DC, released a report (.pdf) today detailing a top-down government campaign to suppress climate change research that deviated from policy positions within the Bush administration. In particular, the administration tried to bury research that showed human activity contributes to global warming and stronger storms.

Another Glaring Example of Anti Net-Neutrality Spin

Here’s an advertisment paid for by the National Cable and Telecommunication Association. It ran on TBS.

(Click thru if you don’t see the video in your feed reader)

It’s so bad it says that Net Neutrality (i.e. an internet where all requests are equal to all other requests) means everyone will have to pay more. It’s so incorrect my soul hurts.

Net Neutrality is not a new principle. It’s one of the oldest and well working systems on the Internet. It mandates that no traffic can get priority orver any other;. This also means that no traffic will be given less priority. Does the world really need a first class internet for the rich and a crappy internet for the rest. No, it doesn’t. But the telecommunications industry wants to be able to charge tariffs for the traffic it has already agreed to handle.

I’ve written about Net-Neutrality before:
Listen Up For Our Treasure Is Up For Plundering
Anti-Net Neutrality Spin Examples

If you are confused about what Net Neutrality is please email me or leave a comment, I think I can explain it pretty easily now.

The good news is that with the closing gavel of the 109th Congress, Senator Ted “The Internet is a series of tubes” Stevens, his bad antiu Net-Neutrality bill are deeply compromised and many of the Telco friendly legislators are looking for new jobs. But the DEEP pockets of Big Telco are not going to give up. They smell money and they are on it. Be vigilant!