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Do you know those items of clothing you have in your closet that you don’t really find comfortable but you keep and wear because they are acceptably dressy and usually clean (unlike your favorite personal items ;). And yes, when you wear them, everyone you are working with thinks you are dressed fine, but you’re thinking “I’m wearing my stupid pants” or “my scratchy shirt” or “the one with that makes you look like a banker”.

I had a pair of Brooks Brothers khaki pants that I could wear to almost any meeting, but they always felt like a uniform yet I always took good care of them because they were practical and well made.

Welp, yesterday we helped Tom celebrate his impending nuptials by playing paintball and other good, clean fun activites. I wore those damn khaki pants knowing they’d get trashed and I could never wear again.

We had a ball and they got trashed. Thanks Tom, we’re all so psyched for the both you you. Juni too! =)

Plz, No Tell VCs dat da BS be EZ 4 Me

This year at SXSWi, I was challenged to compete in the infamous Battledecks, where I was challenged to pitch a company based upon investor slides I had never send before. I thought it was going to be ridiculous, but I never expected to have to pitch “Green Hedge Funds” using Amy Winehouse, Bacon and some *creepy* guy in a cat suit. I tied for second, being down-pointed by one judge who thought my language must come from my real presentations. I doth protest. By i’ll admit I’ll have to earn new fake prezentashun skillz to beat da fake pressenter hisself.

Anyway, enough blather, just click they video and watch how I come out swinging under pressure ;>

Eddie Codel posted this video. Mike Monteiro of Mule Design Studio made all the slides. All I had to do was make an ass of myself.

Internet Famous

facebook-packrat-your-pack.pngThere’s a game on Facebook called PackRat. It’s like playing Mah Jong but the tiles are icons hidden around that you can also buy are steal from your friends. I’ve never played it. It’s appears to be quite popular.

Today a friend informed me that I’m part of a themed icon set for SXSW. There are 50,000 tiles available of ‘Ted Rheingold’ each worth 500 points. My friend managed to get (by stealing I believe) the #1 of the 50,000 set. I’m honored.

I can’t help but feel like I’ve achieved the glory of being on a baseball card while suffering the stigma of being a top dork. Something about 16 Candles and being king of the dorks. Anyway, I’ll enjoy it. Probably won’t ever happen again.

Here’s the card from the game.



Hey RSS Feed Readers, Read Entries You Missed

Anyone that reads this blog from a feed probably missed the last 7 entries. My feed provider was unable to reach my RSS feed source for reasons that are still a mystery to me.

I had been wondering why activity on the blog had been down. Was trying not to take it personally ;> Thanks to MGL for seeing the symptoms today.

Anyoldwhoo, there’s been some entries. You can catch up.

My Sister Had a Baby. HooRay!

I Went & Returned from BurningMan for 10th Time
. (Pictures!) As rewarding as ever.

I Reminisced About Going to 1977 World Series. Game 6 Yo!

I Saw a Golden Eagle. And too a picture.

I Moved to SF 15 Years Ago. And dug up a picture from 1992 when I was 22.

I Still Love LOLCATS. I can has cheezburger?

I’m 7 Years Old and I Want to be a Professional Baseball Player

30 years ago I was seven and had just discovered baseball. Actually it was the World Series in 1976 when the Yankees lost to the Reds that I became a baseball and a Yankees fan in one very short Fall Classic. The next year I was hooked: baseball cards, watching games, dreaming of being a major leaguer when I grew up and glory be, a trip to the World Series including sitting in left field bleachers with my dad for Game 6 where Reggie hit 3 home runs (on three pitches!) and the Bronx Bombers won the World Series.

ESPN produced and is airing an eight episode TV series of the book the Bronx is Burning based on the book, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning . I’d recommend it to anyone that likes baseball or American history or barely cheesy T.V. miniseries. While I rooted with the ignorance of youth, the Yankees internally battled like no team before them. Owner, manager, coaches, captains, players played out what has become the modern norm of “money ball”. New York City had a mayoral race to see who could take over the city on the verge of bankruptcy. A lightning strike shrouded all of New York in darkness that spurred a night of looting, arson, and deaths. And the Son of Sam’s serial killing spree went on into it’s second year. But for Steinbrener, Billy Martin, Yogi, Reggie, Thurmon, Bucky, Nettles, Chamblis, Randolf, Louuuuuuu Pinella, Mick the Quick it was the worst favorite year of their lives.


I suspect they will re-air it in it’s entirety, so set your DVRs if this is at all engaging you.

200px-mlb-ws_1977.jpgNow, for the astute reader that is saying “did he say he was at game 6 of the ’77 World Series?” yes, I was. It will assuredly remain a highlight of my life. My father had realized how obsessed I was (for a 7 year old) and when the Yankees returned to New York from LA, up 3 games to 2 he took me to the game. We went to the Bronx without tickets and he bought two outfield seats for $40 a piece from a guy that preferred to conduct his business in a neighboring bowling alley. I remember this clearly as I waited out in the street … in the Bronx … when I was seven. It was thrilling. I remember someone else had $100 tickets behind home plate, that seemed a huge sum of money. Recalling as best I can I can only remember the three home runs, all to left field. I do very clearly remember a man – who I later realized was pretty smashed – listing me above his head after the 2nd and 3rd home runs. His seat was the last before the a 100 foot drop to the field exits. I was horrified. It was glorious. I now remember having too many cokes, because this guy bought me a coke every time he got a beer.

My dad stapled our tickets to the game guide (like the one pictured just above) and if you ever come over to my folk’s place I can show it to you.

15 Years Ago I Moved to San Francisco

In August of 1992 I arrived in San Francisco. Within a year I was calling it home. Over the years I left a couple times, but I always knew I would be coming back. 15 Years later I love this city more than ever.

The first apartment I moved into was a nice 2br in the Nob Loin for $940/mo. (I was hoping to get a photo of the entrance from from Google Street, but appropriately enough there is a U-Haul truck in front blocking the view.) The landlord verbally shared his disbelief that he was giving a lease to two 22 year olds without jobs. The economy was that bad at the time, which is why I chose San Francisco versus any other place to be unemployed in.

After 9 months temping (and losing much self respect) I landed my first desired job at the California Council for International Trade with the inflated title of Administrative Director and deflated salary of $16,800.

The city was very different. Frank Jordan, an ex-SF Police Chief, was mayor. Herb Caen still penned his three dot entires for the Chronicle and SF was known for it’s academics, not techies.

Here’s a picture of me not long after I arrived. I bought the longer of the two necklaces with my very first paycheck from CCIT. I figured I deserved something for myself. It was $10


Happy Anniversary Molly!

Three years ago today Molly and I got married. It truly has been wonderful to have such a stabilizing partner who loves to explore life as much as I do. She’s my biggest fan and my greatest inspiration.


Thanks Molly, from the bottom of my heart.


I‘ve been commoditized. Well, it’s not really that bad. In fact I’m honored to be branded an “Innovator,” but still, this will take some getting used to. What you’re seeing below is a house ad running in

I have a feeling my image made the cut because of the artsy, ill-at-ease Arbus-esque photo they used that was actually taken of me in between photo shoots. Personally I love the photo, but professionally I’m not quite sure how it represents success or Innovation. Though I guess not too many company CEO’s can say they go to events dressed in their mascot suit as part of their success path ;>