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Molly’s New Line: Cuisine Carriers

Molly (my better half) just launched a line of Cuisine Carriers under the name First Resort. She’s makes each one by hand, often using vintage fabrics and is selling them on her First Resort Etsy store. She got the original design from a carrier her very talented and crafty grandmother Browder made mother bought at a crafts fair in Indiana thirty years ago.

Cuisine Carrier close up

They’re brilliant. They’re easy to carry, keep the dish lid securely in place, padded for both protection and insulation, and allow for a stylish entrance and exit. (No more walking out of a party with a crusty dirty caserole dish in your hands ;)

First Resort Cuisine Carrier

Here’s a screen grab of the different models:
First Resort Cuisine Carriers

Click any image or right here to go the First Resort Etsy store.

She also made this amazing Orchid Mohair Capelet, which half-way through she realized she’s alergic to mohair, so she had to put it up for sale.
Orchid Mohair Capelet

If you want to give one as a holiday present, get that order in soon, we’re going to be taking off before santa’s sleigh!

Molly’s Done! Check Her Mad Clothing Skillz

Molly just turned in her final line at the Apparel Arts school where she’s been studying the last two years to be a pattern maker. In the world of high fashion there is the designer who dreams up the clothing, the pattern maker who turns the sketches into replicable blueprints, sewers who actually fabricate the garment and distributors who market and sell the items.

No one has yet to develop the AutoCAD of clothing pattern making and though it’s a near forgotten skill, it’s still a critical and highly valued role in the design world, and that is exactly what Molly wants to do. Someone else will design, sew and market. She’ll make the patterns for them.

Here are snaps of Molly’s final line (which in this case she did design and sew, as well as make replicable patterns). She’s made herself a whole new career! It’s party time around here.

American Gothicr

Earlier this month Michael David Murphy, a great photographer that should be in everyone’s flickr contact list, as an aside, pointed out the americangothic tag was worth a look. Until I met Molly I had presumed American Gothicism died with Faulker. She showed me where to look and who to read and how to see that it’s proven to be an ineffeable zeitgeist as much a part of America as pickup trucks and prom. And there it was staring me in my flickr, in my web, in my home.

Derek Dukes saw my twitter, and sent me a link to the americangothic tag viewed in Dipity (Dipity is a web service that pulls in all sort of media related to a topics and sorts it all out by time). So you could explore I posted a couple of the interfaces. There’s also a map mashup to compare the am-gothic zeitgeist in different states at different times.

Flipbook Mode

Timeline Mode

[If you do not see interactive sections above, click thru to the site.]

I found it all very interesting. Way to go David and the Dipity team.

Here are some other words that have a lot to show: terrorism, freedom, science, and peakoil

Not Impressed with Amazon Unbox / Tivo Download

Amazon Unbox + Tivo = Lame

Last week Molly and I “rented” our first movie from Amazon’s Unbox that connects to most networked Tivo.

We gave it an overall review of lame.

Yes we were able to “rent” a movie from our couch and have it get pushed to our TV, but it took 6 hours to download before it could even start, and if you don’t finish it within 24 of starting it, it’s deleted from your Tivo.

I could have walked to the video store and back in 1/6 of the time it took to get the movie and hung on to it for 3x the time for the same $3.99 fee

The 24hr limit is insulting. If I’m the kind of superdork that hacks Tivos, burns copies and post to torrents, do I need 48 hours to do? No. maybe 48 minutes. So why cramp my customer experience if i want to watch a movie over a couple days, when you’re not protecting yourself any better???

Rather than Unbox, Amazon should have called this service HalfBaked Your first mover position here is going to be fast forgotten.

Moxie Gradjimitated

Moxie graduated from Puppy Kindergarten tonight! We got her diploma and everything. I highly recommend Perfect Paws if you live in the Bay Area, for puppy or any type of behavioral training.


It’ll be sad to see her move out, but it’s important for her to get a job and find her own way.

Tomales Bay Weekend

Pictures from our favoritest nearby getaway, West Marin’s Tomales Bay and Point Reyes

It was an anniversary weekend so my apologies about the sap.

Molly made Beignets we ate on the porch looking for seals

Whales were spotted in these waters the next day

Moxie from the hot tub

Oysters from Drakes Farm. Just as superb as Hog Island

The last turn before the end of the road at Pierce Point, northern tip of Pt Reyes

Moxie found a fallen elk horn. Tule Elk were introduced ito Pierce Point in 1978

C’mon everyone get happy …

Herd of Tule Elk

A wonderful beach on the west shore of Tomales Bay. Larry & Piper got married there.

I noticed Mt. Vision on the map for the first time. An unused single lane road takes you up to 1500 feet.

Drakes Estero seen from atop Mt. Vision. In the 1570′s Sir Francis Drake is believed to have set anchor in the further bay you can see. Pottery dating to the same era has been found on the beaches. (oh, the above oysters grew in the inner bay you see)

Vision Road in Inverness at the easter foot of Mt. Vision. If you haven’t noticed we were quite smitten by the name Mt. Vision

Another Inverness road, Dreamfarm. Inverness is Gaelic for sweetest chillest town NoCal ever created

Squishing the toes in the mud at low tide at Millerton Point, Tomales Bay State Park. Fog topped Mt. Vision with Inverness below is behind them.

This One’s For The Family

mgl_rheingold_girl_sm.jpg If you are over 50, or share my last name, then you’ll be familiar with Miss Rheingold. For a couple decades from WWII until 1964, each year Rheingold Beer (made by Liebmann Brewery in Brooklyn, NY) would pick a Miss Rheingold woman in her twenties, in beauty pagent-style but actually based upon her wholesomeness and personality.

She was always depicted in stylish but practical clothes. Acting rakish, but always fitting right in. A classy woman doing family things, with a beer in her hand. She had a full chest and was the woman you and your mother always wished you brought home.

A couple months back Molly did a photo shoot with our friend Tony Pham, and on this, our anniversary week, I have to say this shot completely embodies MY ideal woman.

Below you can see some Miss Rheingold memorabilia from around the Internet. I think I should start collecting them.


Happy Anniversary Molly!

Three years ago today Molly and I got married. It truly has been wonderful to have such a stabilizing partner who loves to explore life as much as I do. She’s my biggest fan and my greatest inspiration.


Thanks Molly, from the bottom of my heart.

Molly, Timmmii and I we’re having a cocktailly dinner when Molly said, I’m such a picky bitch. I thought it would be a great name for a chick band. She thought it would be great for a website. Assuming would be taken (it is) Molly quickly said “get the .ch” and we did, and she now has

mgl_avatar.jpg Now the real task, to design the that befits a picky bitch. Yikes! Any interested parties? Opinionated bitches encouraged ;>

What country is .ch? Switzerland of course.
Can anyone register one? Yes
What registrars sell it? and others
How much does it cost a year? 28 euros