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Cry With Me: Watch Video of 500 Million Gallons of Coal Ash Destroy Tenn. River

Clean Coal is the most dangerous oxymoron. Obama strongly promoted it during his campaign. Learn about it. It’s about as unrealistic a scientific scheme as Reagan’s Star Wars defense system. This spill has nothing to do with pumping CO2 into the earth crust, but shows how much garbage coal production produces and how little room there is left on the planet to hide it.

Software Engineers Testifies How He Coded Voting Software to Flip Results to a 51% Favor of Paying Candidate

I wish I knew more details about this. I suppose it could be from a movie, but it very much appears to be a recording of a software engineer giving testimony of how he coded voting systems to rig winners. It’s posted on a pretti vigilant leak site (no, that’s not an oxymoron.)

Watch this video now. Watch the whole thing.

Here’s the link

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Sen. Bernie Sanders “Let The Rich Bail Out the Rich”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT-I) stood on the Senate floor today and lambasted Wall Street millionaires – including Secretary Paulson and the $36 million he earned in 2005 – while pushing for his amendment to the Financial Markets bailout bill that would generate $300 billion in bail out finds over the next five by increasing taxes on people making over $500,000 a year. He believes there is no reason the average citizens should bailout the rich, when the rich can bail out the rich.

It was gutsy. Srsly, who else in the Senate is going to suggest anything like this. Refreshing if nothing else in this time of fear.

American Households Saved Less in 2007 Than in 1932

Since 2004 American households have been putting away less than $400 a year in savings. That’s almost identical to the saving registered during the depression. How can such a rich country have so little to save? (That’s a rhetorical one. Okay? ‘Kay.)

The NYTimes has done yet another no-holds-barred data analysis of how indebted our country is and rightfully places most of the blame on changes in the banking, lending and leasing policies that turned payment facilitation methods meant to make consumer purchasing more fluid into pure profit centers.

“Today the focus for lenders is not so much on consumer loans being repaid, but on the loan as a perpetual earning asset,” said Julie L. Williams, chief counsel of the Comptroller of the Currency, in a March 2005 speech that received little notice at the time.

Today, 40% of all U.S. households carry a credit card balance (up from 6% in 1970) and the average family has 13(!) credit cards. Two thirds of college students now have assumed loan debts, up from 50% of students in the ’90s. (Don’t even get me started on how good loan rates were subverted by the student loan scandal which finally broke this spring.)

For more painfully obvious indicators of the depth of this national problem don’t miss the Times interactive 90 year time line.

While every person is their own rock and needs to make smart decisions based upon their own abilities, the free market ‘uber alles’ mentality of the last 30 years has allowed for profit motive to drive the heavy marketing of products that even the presiding CEO would never recommend their friends or family avail themselves of. Though free markets always correct themselves eventually, there’s far to many well meaning citizens getting run through the mill by the marketing and sales departments of the too-be-corrected businesses on the wrong side of the markets.

[All photo, images, quotes and facts liberally taken from the NYTimes]