My New Site … Do U Like It?

I’ve been posting a lot to a new blog. I’ll still be posting here, especially the longer, more thought out entires, but the new blog is for the more spontaneous, funny and Internetical items. (yes, that’s right, I said Internetical ;) Maybe it’ll just be easier for you if you simply consider the new blog my web moleskin.

If you’re reading this in a RSS feed reader, why not subscribe to the new blog’s feed now.

If you’re a tumblr, give it a follow.

2 thoughts on “My New Site … Do U Like It?

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  2. Kimberly

    Found your blog from your twitter profile (I was checking out who follows SAP on twitter and wondered who would have Skeezix in a black-wig and a catster tee as his icon ;-).

    Keep up the cool posts!

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