Monthly Archives: September 2008


Do you know those items of clothing you have in your closet that you don’t really find comfortable but you keep and wear because they are acceptably dressy and usually clean (unlike your favorite personal items ;). And yes, when you wear them, everyone you are working with thinks you are dressed fine, but you’re thinking “I’m wearing my stupid pants” or “my scratchy shirt” or “the one with that makes you look like a banker”.

I had a pair of Brooks Brothers khaki pants that I could wear to almost any meeting, but they always felt like a uniform yet I always took good care of them because they were practical and well made.

Welp, yesterday we helped Tom celebrate his impending nuptials by playing paintball and other good, clean fun activites. I wore those damn khaki pants knowing they’d get trashed and I could never wear again.

We had a ball and they got trashed. Thanks Tom, we’re all so psyched for the both you you. Juni too! =)

My New Site … Do U Like It?

I’ve been posting a lot to a new blog. I’ll still be posting here, especially the longer, more thought out entires, but the new blog is for the more spontaneous, funny and Internetical items. (yes, that’s right, I said Internetical ;) Maybe it’ll just be easier for you if you simply consider the new blog my web moleskin.

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