American Gothicr

Earlier this month Michael David Murphy, a great photographer that should be in everyone’s flickr contact list, as an aside, pointed out the americangothic tag was worth a look. Until I met Molly I had presumed American Gothicism died with Faulker. She showed me where to look and who to read and how to see that it’s proven to be an ineffeable zeitgeist as much a part of America as pickup trucks and prom. And there it was staring me in my flickr, in my web, in my home.

Derek Dukes saw my twitter, and sent me a link to the americangothic tag viewed in Dipity (Dipity is a web service that pulls in all sort of media related to a topics and sorts it all out by time). So you could explore I posted a couple of the interfaces. There’s also a map mashup to compare the am-gothic zeitgeist in different states at different times.

Flipbook Mode

Timeline Mode

[If you do not see interactive sections above, click thru to the site.]

I found it all very interesting. Way to go David and the Dipity team.

Here are some other words that have a lot to show: terrorism, freedom, science, and peakoil