Not So Impressed with My Eye-Fi

Eye-FiI‘ll admit it, I was thrilled when I heard about the Eye-Fi, a wifi-enable SD memory card that can upload photo files straight to many photo websites. I’ve been frustrated recently that though my camera phone can upload photos to the web, my good camera still need a computer and internet connection to do so. I wanted a camera-to-cell bridge so I could upload photos from my good camera without needing a computer and internet connection. I thought the Eye-Fi would at least be that but over the net, not cellular.

Sadly, not really. The Eye-Fi has to be configured with each local network you use and you it can only be configured via the Eye-FI USB dongle. Worse the Eye-Fi software can’t play with most hotspots, free and hotel wifi points. So much for photos on-the-go without the laptop which was my primary desire.

The real let-down to me, however, is that the upload from camera to photo sharing site (in my case Flickr) will upload every picture on the card. You cannot limit it to just some. I’m too bad a photographers for that. Also the Eye-Fi currently does not support any of the config settings I use with Flickr, so all titles, descriptions, tags, and groupings have to be done manually at which i find to be time consuming.

At this point the only thing I can use the Eye-Fi for is to wirelessly transfer photos to my laptop, which it can do but only if I have unhooked my router from the internet or explicitly block the MAC address of the Eye-Fi. (I’ll be doing the latter.) A configured router is required at the moment to wirelessly transfer to a computer, so I’ll still be bringing my USB cable with me as it’s lighter and doesn’t require a power source.

I do not mean to downplay the technical wizardy of the wifi-enabled SD card, and there are some pretty neat uses if you are ready for all photos to be uploaded – imagine using camera in range of an accepted wifi point and live stream of photo uploads from say a party straight to web viewers – but I’ll be patiently hoping that more functionality gets rolled out soon, because as is, I can’t see how I can use the most of the functionality.

If anyone understands how to use it better, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Not So Impressed with My Eye-Fi

  1. lgonzales

    The Eye-Fi Card can be configured with any SD card reader not just the one that came with the card. They have included the card in case you don’t have an SD card reader. I know this doesn’t really change anything in your workflow since most of the “let-downs’ you have described deal with how the Card works when uploading photos to Flickr. Give them time, I am sure more features will be added in the future.

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  3. akos

    just bought the Eye-Fi USB SD card from B&H, and it has been a nightmare all together.

    so here for all fellow photographers what happened:

    my first usb eyfi was part of a batch that was badly manufactured, so after talking to a few tech support people they gave me an RMA number and send me a new one.

    B&H still happily continous selling hundred of deffect ones in the meantime…so good luck if you buy it there, since the people at eye fi didnt care about that one apparently…

    the new one arives, and it wont work, wont connect, i talk consequently to tech people who only are familiar with PC’s and have no clue about macs and its airport system. and even at PC issues they suck at best…

    i am promissed to be called back in an hour by the only mac guy there, who seems to be out for lunch right then.

    no calls at all that day,….so i call the next day, in order to get to a new PC guy, who doesnt even know what he is talking about on PC’s again,…( i worked on PC’s for over 14 years beofre i switched to mac 12 years ago…) so its easy to get the message and the understanding that this guy is only reading of from his screen..

    i ask him to connect me with this mac specialist, he says he can t do this, i have to call in again and hope i have that mac guy on the phone…

    woahh… i am speachless

    so here we go, i call in again, and aks to be connected with their mac guy, ….this one says he can get me to their mac specialist,


    anyway i now talk to another pc guy who says he can help… after exactly 95 minutes he still wants me to restart my machine as if it would help get connected after all his useless little exercises of : do you see “anything that is called similarly to a mac adress….etc etc.?”

    obviously he was a pc guy reading from the screen again,..not knowing the interface of our airport utility software at all

    so i ask again to be connected with this one maac specialist, in order to be told now that this guy is not reachable, and that i have to take it or leave with the current guy now called chris.

    summa sumarum: the item never worked, the support is actually no support at all…

    and now i think its worthwhile sharing this with the photographer community a bit here…


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