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Tomales Bay Weekend

Pictures from our favoritest nearby getaway, West Marin’s Tomales Bay and Point Reyes

It was an anniversary weekend so my apologies about the sap.

Molly made Beignets we ate on the porch looking for seals

Whales were spotted in these waters the next day

Moxie from the hot tub

Oysters from Drakes Farm. Just as superb as Hog Island

The last turn before the end of the road at Pierce Point, northern tip of Pt Reyes

Moxie found a fallen elk horn. Tule Elk were introduced ito Pierce Point in 1978

C’mon everyone get happy …

Herd of Tule Elk

A wonderful beach on the west shore of Tomales Bay. Larry & Piper got married there.

I noticed Mt. Vision on the map for the first time. An unused single lane road takes you up to 1500 feet.

Drakes Estero seen from atop Mt. Vision. In the 1570′s Sir Francis Drake is believed to have set anchor in the further bay you can see. Pottery dating to the same era has been found on the beaches. (oh, the above oysters grew in the inner bay you see)

Vision Road in Inverness at the easter foot of Mt. Vision. If you haven’t noticed we were quite smitten by the name Mt. Vision

Another Inverness road, Dreamfarm. Inverness is Gaelic for sweetest chillest town NoCal ever created

Squishing the toes in the mud at low tide at Millerton Point, Tomales Bay State Park. Fog topped Mt. Vision with Inverness below is behind them.

This One’s For The Family

mgl_rheingold_girl_sm.jpg If you are over 50, or share my last name, then you’ll be familiar with Miss Rheingold. For a couple decades from WWII until 1964, each year Rheingold Beer (made by Liebmann Brewery in Brooklyn, NY) would pick a Miss Rheingold woman in her twenties, in beauty pagent-style but actually based upon her wholesomeness and personality.

She was always depicted in stylish but practical clothes. Acting rakish, but always fitting right in. A classy woman doing family things, with a beer in her hand. She had a full chest and was the woman you and your mother always wished you brought home.

A couple months back Molly did a photo shoot with our friend Tony Pham, and on this, our anniversary week, I have to say this shot completely embodies MY ideal woman.

Below you can see some Miss Rheingold memorabilia from around the Internet. I think I should start collecting them.


Moving on Up ….

Moxie’s right ear has recently started staying up and not flopping over as much as her left ear. I wonder if the left one will become more upright or will she continue to be two ears about things?

Sierra Snow Pack at 38% of Normal Levels

snowpack.gif Any snow enthusiast on the West Coast will not be surprised that this year’s snow pack in the Sierra Nevadas is far below average. In fact it’s only 38% of average, and the lowest overall accumulation in 29 years. I was up in the Tahoe area four times this winter. Three of those times it felt like late spring with more exposed ground then snow coverage. Aside from a couple big storms that dropped large snowfalls in February it was an all around crappy and brown snow year.

The National Resources Conservation Service has an excelletn ewn site with extensive pdf’s of nationwide snow and precipitation data. The image comes from a Western region % of normal comparison.

Since most all of California’s drinking water comes from the Sierra Nevadas, this is rather significant. Fortunately we have a strong run of full reservoirs so it’s expected that if next year is back to normal there will no issues. However, a couple more winters like this one and we’ll be high and dry and letting the yellow mellow.

Happy Anniversary Molly!

Three years ago today Molly and I got married. It truly has been wonderful to have such a stabilizing partner who loves to explore life as much as I do. She’s my biggest fan and my greatest inspiration.


Thanks Molly, from the bottom of my heart.

You Know Honeybees are Disappearing Worldwide, Right?

What we’re describing as colony collapse disorder is the rapid loss of adult worker bees from the colony over a very short period of time, at a time in the season when we wouldn’t expect a rapid die-off of workers: late fall and early spring

Honeybee colonies are disappearing worldwide. What should be thriving hives are only queens and handfuls of whizzened worker drones. It is said that billions of bees are simply gone. Though there have been historical experiences of mass bee disappearances, never has it occurred on record at this magnitude.

This CNN article can catch you up quickly.

There is no technology that can come close the massive pollination service that bees provide to our ecosystem.

How long can this go on for before fruits, vegetable and nuts supplies and drastically reduced? Hopefully this part of some long-standing earthly ballet we do not understand yet and not a canary in coal mine of our own making.

Golden State Warriors Earn Their Playoffs Ticket

picture-26.pngCongrats to the Golden State Warriors who ended the season 16-5, 9 of their last 10, and 3 must win games to end the season. After 13 years, they and their coach from that last playoff team are going back to the NBA playoffs. They had the hardest second-half schedule of all NBA teams and are the hottest team in the league going into the playoffs.

So, we’ll see what happens. For many teams making the playoff is a guarantee and ranked last in the Western teams that advance, the Warriors will meet only the best teams.

But heck, I got just one thing to say “LET’S GO WARRIORS!”

Good Luck to the Golden State Warriors

100px-80sgoldenstatewarriorslogo.gif In 1992 I moved to San Francisco and I was a fan of the Golden State Warriors by the end of that first winter. They made it into the playoffs the following year with future Hall of Famer Chris Mullins, as well as Tim Hardaway, Chris Weber, Latrel Sprewell (before he went off the hook) and coach Don Nelson.

After rooting through 13 forgettable season, coach Don Nelson came back and the Warriors are on the verge of making it to the playoffs for the first time sine that 93′-94′ season. They are currently in 7th place and battling with it out with the LA Lakers and Clippers for the two last spots. If they win against Dallas on Tuesday and Portland on Wednesday they can guarantee getting their ticket punched to the big dance.

sanfranciscowarriors.pngGood luck Golden State, you’re making The City proud once again!

Shut Out of the Benson Hut


We got shut out trying to ski into the Benson Hut this weekend by a massive Pacific front that dropped precipitation across the West Coast. When the high winds finally eased we set out in steady snow, low visibility and about 5 hours of day light. And I was really looking forward to it.

It was a good try, but we just couldn’t make one wrong turn and at 4:15 we decided to live to fight another day and turned back. We did get a nice long run from the top of Mt Lincoln at Sugar Bowl out of it. I also did get to try out using my Randonne touring binding and my climbing skins for the first time … which I find far preferable to the snowboard/snowshoe combo I would use for backcountry hiking before.

If you’re looking top do this hike, here’s a good report from a group that made a nice run of it.

Intrepid partner Bill Graham also wrote up his take.

Here are some pix I took. Greg did a much better job getting his camera out.



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Next Weekend: Benson Hut!

Benson HutNext weekend a group of us are hiking in to the Sierra Club’s Benson Hut, a sturdy mountain cabin at 8,350 feet about 6 miles south of Donner Pass. It’s a 4 mile hike from the the Mt Judah lift at Sugarbowl and offer access to what we hope will be some big fields of late season snow. You have to hike in food, cooking items and sleeping gear, but there’s a wood fired stove and bunks.

Once there you have immediate hiking access to some great high elevation snow fields and can ski runs that hardly a dozen other people will have been on this month. There are four open-to-the-public Sierra Club cabins in the Tahoe area. Anyone can register and all are reachable within a day. It’s $12/night/person.

March 30, 2007This shot was taken about 10 days ago. Looks like a lot of snow, though I’ve seen plenty of picture of people having to tunnel down just to get into the TOP windows. Other people speak of walking right OVER it and only spotting it by the exposed chimney.

Skis crossed there’s still be enough snow and nice weather! So excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Thanks Greg.