Excellent Summary of Passion-Centric Web Communities

Dogster_Groups_redScarf.gif John Vars, my long-term business partner and longer-term good friend wrote an excellent yet brief analysis of the inherent facets of passion-centric web communities. Dogster and Catster are both passion-centric web communities and our whole goal has been to reflect the passions and interest of the site’s focus as purely and completely as possible.

I thought John taking the time to share what exactly this means was a very nice contribution to those interested in creating their own passion-centric web communities. If this is of interest to you, it’s must read.

One thought on “Excellent Summary of Passion-Centric Web Communities

  1. Michal Migurski

    I invite you and John to un-coin the neologism “passion-centric web community”. It’s terrible!

    Ask me about MoveOn and “candle-focused events” (CFE’s) sometime.

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