8 Days in Hong Kong & Shanghai – Preface


In my twenties I suffered from extreme bouts of wanderlust. I could scarcely live in the same place for a year before I would be aggrieved by daily flare-ups of desire to expand my perspective on the world, humanity and myself.

In Indonesia it’s very common for complete strangers to greet each other on the road by asking “where are you going?” A very friendly answer is “I’m just going along.” An alternative response is ‘just washing the eyes.’ That response stuck with me as I always felt that living in or visiting cultures other than your own is an experience of washing the eyes which allows for novel data input and fresh data for our cerebrums to analyse and process. There is a travellers quote which I place great value in: the benefit of travelling is not to see the world through your own eyes, but to see the world throught the eyse of others.

These days my outbreaks of wanderlust rarely have the serverity of my youth and my life’s pace has found contentment with exploring passions at home or from afar. But when I do get to take a vacation I really like to take full advantage of it. I got 10 days off for the first time in a year and since I got to chose, I took Molly to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

3 thoughts on “8 Days in Hong Kong & Shanghai – Preface

  1. kareem

    Fantastic! I was in Shanghai in 2002 visiting a good buddy, and I hear the city has changed drastically (i.e. blown up) since then.


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