4 Days in Hong Kong – Entry 1

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Hong Kong has been like I always dreamed, a fantastcally modern post-colonial ancient and present global trading city-state home to millions, ancestral to almost none. Exploring it has been fabulously easy: it’s compact; well-run, highly-signed, multi-lingual, proud but inviting; future-focused; friendly and all around ideal city to visit. The direct 15 hour flight is a bit severe, but if you can muster the strength to sleep for the last 10 hours of it, you can arrive chronologically numb, but rested and ready to go.

Four days in Hong Kong, however, with no local contacts means I will leave understanding the pychiograpic nature of modern Hong Kong residents. Democracy, capitalism, freedom, pantheism and familial tradition are all part of the foundation. The love of money and spending seem to have much to do with it to, and forced relations with a brutish parent they feel very distant from must make up the pie too. But we’re just hear for four days and and I wonder if I could understand waht all that meant after four years, so I may never know. However, if we had the opportunity to move here, however, we definitely would, so there may still be hope yet.

One thought on “4 Days in Hong Kong – Entry 1

  1. Leef

    Hey Ted,

    If you can try taking a ferry out to Cheung Chau in the Outer Islands. That was certainly a highlight of my time there. After bustling through Kowloon, it’s see a part of Hong Kong that is still very much a small fishing village. And, I agree H.K. is one of those places I would love to live someday too.

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