I’ll Be Pissed If This Is Fake Street Art

Surveillance Billboard 5th & Natoma, San Francisco, December 22, 2005

The above photo was taken at 5th & Natoma, Thursday December 22nd in San Francisco. I feel like I am taking a huge risk hoping that this is a stunning work of street statement. What you see is a larger-than-life image of a surveillance camera on the side of a building in a Clear (as in mud) Channel side-of-building billboard slot. There is zero branding or text of any sort on the image as I could see.

I have to assume this is culture jamming as who could be so crass as to show a larger-than-life surveillance camera in a neighborhood that is already under heavy surveillance. So I’ll risk my cred and be pleased to assume it’s a daring piece of art. If so, it’s an stellar piece in the style of Bansky or locally approved wall-artist Rigo (one tree, inner city home) while still making a statement of it’s own. If it’s not legit-street, I’m an ass for even archiving some PR agency’s reminder to this inner city n’hood they really aren’t free.

So I’m ready to be let down, but I have to know more. Do you know who put this there?

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4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Pissed If This Is Fake Street Art

  1. Jackson West

    Looks legit to me, and I’m pretty sure that billboard has been hit by writers and billboard liberators in the past.

    Me, I was shocked to see the logo of the International Socialists (a silhouette of a right-handed fist) on a billboard advertising the new Howard Stern show. I mean, c’mon, what the fuck?

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