What I Would Like to Know More About the Netherlands

» Are the recent assassinations of Pim Fortuyn the Parliament Member and Theo Van Gogh the movie director, and the current threats on PM Ayaan Hirsi Ali and anyone else that has publicly stated they are not in agreement with the tenets of Islam a true threat to Holland’s deep respect for tolerance of all citizens or simply a new level of diversity that will be overcome?

» Will the Dutch be able to stay affluent and successful in the face of off-shoring, which is hitting all their companies, and will the extensive social payment system for free health coverage and homes for all be able to be maintained?

» Does the trend of many couples becoming official domestic partners, not formally married, lead to higher or lower divorce rates? What are the rates of terminations of domestic partners? Since many couple are having children as domestic partners, is this changing any long-term monogamy rates?

» Is there really a trend of Dutch citizens planning of leaving the country due to the recent civil violence over tolerance, or is what we are reading in our press a few isolated cases turned into a trend?