What I Truly Enjoy About Amsterdam

» Restaurants will not bring you your check until you ask. They want you to enjoy your time and not feel rushed. Because of this restaurants are full of convivial long-lasting dinners where table turn-over is not the goal, simply happy eaters.

» The citizens’ mindset is that if they pay taxes to cover housing and welfare for all, then crime will be less likely and all of society will be a better place. They realize welfare is not about the dollars they don’t get to keep, but the dollars they will save. Though change is rapidly changing their culture, crime, especially violent crime is minimal compared to other western countries.

» Bikes have right of way over pedestrians and cars. Pedestrians have the right of way over cars (except at traffic lights). Small intersections do not require complete stops by cars or bikes, as all users of the street yield into a confluence (like schooling fish) and then move on in their own path.

» Property is well maintained and kept orderly. Very little waste is seen.

» Even the graffiti writers have enough class to tag in predominantly non-private property, and rarely repeat in the same area.