The Little Side Project That Is Up For A Webby

Webby Award  Webby Award  Webby Award

I keep pinching and pinching but I can’t wake up. Dogster is nominated for a Webby Award and we’re decently ahead in the People’s Voice contest and there have been more user reviews written about Dogster than any site nominated. In fact getting to read the user reviews may be the best part of the whole nomination. Most sites have 4 or 5 reviews. Some have 30 or 40, but none come close to the 87 and counting that have been left for Dogster. None are even close. You can read them to see why we are so inspired.

The month Dogster went live (Jan, ’04) I saw people right away picking up on the dog puns and the caring yet whimsical attitude of the site and putting that love right back into their dog’s pages. It took a couple false starts but only a couple months to realize that what Dogster was skip what I thought should be done next and to organize and highlight the users’ profound passions and reflect that specialness right back to them as much as I could. I call that reflecting user passion, but that is for another entry. Howard Rheingold quoted Cory Doctrow as calling it “sheep that shit grass”, as each member’s usage means there is only more for everyone to enjoy.

What could have easily been a 3 month flash-in-the-pan site is hanging tough as probably one of the top repeat visit community sites going. 5% of all members login once a day, 17% once a week and 40% once a month. 25% of all members that joined between January and June of 2004 logged in in March of 2005.

But even on top of all that it is the amazing user comments left on the Webby Award site and their sheer volume compared to all the other sites that makes me not worry about saying no to new client work and making Dogster my full-time thing.

Uh, if you could vote for Dogster, I wouldn’t have a care in the world