Cry With Me: Watch Video of 500 Million Gallons of Coal Ash Destroy Tenn. River

Clean Coal is the most dangerous oxymoron. Obama strongly promoted it during his campaign. Learn about it. It’s about as unrealistic a scientific scheme as Reagan’s Star Wars defense system. This spill has nothing to do with pumping CO2 into the earth crust, but shows how much garbage coal production produces and how little room there is left on the planet to hide it.

Molly’s New Line: Cuisine Carriers

Molly (my better half) just launched a line of Cuisine Carriers under the name First Resort. She’s makes each one by hand, often using vintage fabrics and is selling them on her First Resort Etsy store. She got the original design from a carrier her very talented and crafty grandmother Browder made mother bought at a crafts fair in Indiana thirty years ago.

Cuisine Carrier close up

They’re brilliant. They’re easy to carry, keep the dish lid securely in place, padded for both protection and insulation, and allow for a stylish entrance and exit. (No more walking out of a party with a crusty dirty caserole dish in your hands ;)

First Resort Cuisine Carrier

Here’s a screen grab of the different models:
First Resort Cuisine Carriers

Click any image or right here to go the First Resort Etsy store.

She also made this amazing Orchid Mohair Capelet, which half-way through she realized she’s alergic to mohair, so she had to put it up for sale.
Orchid Mohair Capelet

If you want to give one as a holiday present, get that order in soon, we’re going to be taking off before santa’s sleigh!

Aw Heck, Here’s a Picture of My Family

Sharing too much of my loved ones lives isn’t something I feel comfortable blogging.

But … here’s a picture of my family taken at my sister Susan’s and my brother-in-law John’s wedding last September. Growing up I took solace in what I took to be the all too irrefutable fact we were a dysfunctional family. Now I take solace in the fact we’re all kooky enough that we function pretty darn well ;>

[click to enlarge]

Software Engineers Testifies How He Coded Voting Software to Flip Results to a 51% Favor of Paying Candidate

I wish I knew more details about this. I suppose it could be from a movie, but it very much appears to be a recording of a software engineer giving testimony of how he coded voting systems to rig winners. It’s posted on a pretti vigilant leak site (no, that’s not an oxymoron.)

Watch this video now. Watch the whole thing.

Here’s the link

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Sen. Bernie Sanders “Let The Rich Bail Out the Rich”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT-I) stood on the Senate floor today and lambasted Wall Street millionaires – including Secretary Paulson and the $36 million he earned in 2005 – while pushing for his amendment to the Financial Markets bailout bill that would generate $300 billion in bail out finds over the next five by increasing taxes on people making over $500,000 a year. He believes there is no reason the average citizens should bailout the rich, when the rich can bail out the rich.

It was gutsy. Srsly, who else in the Senate is going to suggest anything like this. Refreshing if nothing else in this time of fear.


Do you know those items of clothing you have in your closet that you don’t really find comfortable but you keep and wear because they are acceptably dressy and usually clean (unlike your favorite personal items ;). And yes, when you wear them, everyone you are working with thinks you are dressed fine, but you’re thinking “I’m wearing my stupid pants” or “my scratchy shirt” or “the one with that makes you look like a banker”.

I had a pair of Brooks Brothers khaki pants that I could wear to almost any meeting, but they always felt like a uniform yet I always took good care of them because they were practical and well made.

Welp, yesterday we helped Tom celebrate his impending nuptials by playing paintball and other good, clean fun activites. I wore those damn khaki pants knowing they’d get trashed and I could never wear again.

We had a ball and they got trashed. Thanks Tom, we’re all so psyched for the both you you. Juni too! =)

My New Site … Do U Like It?

I’ve been posting a lot to a new blog. I’ll still be posting here, especially the longer, more thought out entires, but the new blog is for the more spontaneous, funny and Internetical items. (yes, that’s right, I said Internetical ;) Maybe it’ll just be easier for you if you simply consider the new blog my web moleskin.

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